Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to record a call using volume keys?
A. Enable Manual recording feature in Settings. During a call, press Volume-up key once to start recording. Press Volume-up key again to stop the recording. Use Volume-down key to pause and resume the recording.

Q. Wiz Call Recorder could not record the call.
A. Change the audio source in the settings and try recording again.

Q. What is the maximum size of recording that can be recorded.
A. Depends on available space in your phone/SDcard, though Wiz Call Recorder warns user on low space availablity.

Q. Where are all recordings stored.
A. Depending on the storage(phone/SDcard) location you have selected, recordings are stored in ‘Recordings’ folder inside phone/SDcard.

Q. Unable to select SDcard as storage location.
A. Some devices do not allow access to SDcard to third-party applications.

Q. Audio source ‘Phone Line’ not working.
A. Some devices do not support this audio source. Please check if the handset is compatible.

Q. How to use volume keys to adjust volume with manual call recording using volume keys active.
A. Close the recorder’s Dialog appearing on screen during the call.