How to Enable Call Recording

  • Set recording type :
    • Open menu -> Settings -> Call Recorder ->
      • Choose Automatic to record all calls.
      • Manual to enable manual recording.
      • Turn off both options to disable call recording.
      • Check “Use volume keys for call recording” to enable call recording by volume keys.
  • Choose recording quality :
    • Open menu -> Settings -> Audio Quality ->
      • Low quality for recording size approx. 0.9MB/minute
      • Medium quality for recording size approx. 2.5MB/minute
      • High quality for recording size approx. 5MB/minute
  • Choose Audio source :
    • Open menu -> Settings -> Audio Source ->
      • Mic: To enable call recording through mic. Preferred option, supported by most devices.
      • Phone Line: Captures in-line audio. Supported by less devices, try this option if former does not work.

How to Record Calls

    • Manual Call Recording: Whenever a call is made or received, Recorder dialog box appears on the call screen.
      • To record calls using volume keys:
  • START:         Press volume-up key to start call recording.
  • STOP:         Press volume-up key again to stop call recording.
  • PAUSE:        Press volume-down key to pause call recording.
  • RESUME:     Press volume-down key again to resume call recording.
  • Repeat first and second steps to record multiple time during a call.
    • To record using on-screen buttons:
      • START:        Press green record button to start call recording.
      • STOP:        Press red stop button on left to stop call recording.
      • PAUSE:        Press red pause button on right to pause call recording.
      • RESUME:     Press red resume button on right to resume call recording after it has been paused.

How to Playback Call Recordings

  • Open Wiz Call Recorder -> Under “ALL” section, all the call recordings are shown.
    • Click on a recording to play it.
    • Long press on a recording to open menu of options.

How to Sync recordings to Cloud (Google Drive/Dropbox)

  • Open menu -> Cloud -> Select Dropbox or Google Drive -> Login using your email id.
    • Use “Sync Now” to synchronize all call recordings to cloud.
    • Enable “Auto Sync” to sync recordings automatically to cloud account.
    • Use “On Wi-Fi only” to restrict sync to only when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Long press on a recording and select “Sync to Cloud” to sync single recording to the Cloud.