What makes Wiz Call Recording App unique from others.

Audio Quality Selection

This feature allows the user to customise the level of audio quality required depending on the importance of the call contents.

Cloud Integration

Recorded calls can be seamlessly sync over Dropbox and Google Drive cloud integration. This helps to archive the important calls and avoid them being lost or deleted by accident.

Audio Source Selection

Users have the flexibility to record calls from different sources such as Microphone, Voice Call in case of recording for both the sides, depending on the Android handset in use.

Reliable Android Platform

Call Recording is useful when it’s easy to use over Android platform. Wiz Call Recorder makes it easy for users to trigger recordings using the volume controls of the handset.

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About WizCallRecorder App

Never miss out on an important part of an ongoing calls.
Initiate Call Recordings by just a click of a volume keys.

Ever wondered or repented after the phone call, that you should have recorded the conversation – specially when after a long wait you managed to speak with someone in a call centre and later realise that you should have kept a record to go back to, or if you wished you could have kept a memory of conversation with a little one or someone special in your life.

Wiz Call Recorder allows you to do the same. You can start record, pause, and resume record all in the middle of an ongoing call without removing the phone from your ears, by simply pressing the phone’s external volume control buttons. You also have the flexibility to add notes, share recordings with other users, and even e-mail or whatsapp the recorded calls.

Wiz Call Recorder also allows the user to take audio notes of useful seminars, conferences or even university lectures.

  • Manual Recording Integration
  • Cloud Integration
  • Audio Quality Selection
  • Complete Customisation


Some of the useful Screenshots of Wiz Call Recorder App for Android.

Wiz Call Recorder Free app for Android
Wiz Call Recorder Free app for Android
Wiz Call Recorder Free app for Android
Wiz Call Recorder Free app for Android


Wiz Call Recorder is officially Launched on Google Play


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